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Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss
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Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss

Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss

Welcome to the low calorie and vegetarian recipes collection. Even though at present this section is in development, we strongly advise you to return often to check the latest additions.

Our low calorie and vegetarian recipes are carefully selected to provide the best nutrition with the least amount of calories.

Why Low Calorie Recipes?

The answer is quite obvious: you need low calorie recipes if you want to lose weight. How does one define "low calorie" recipes? The recipes presented here have been selected using a specially designed formula based on the nutrient and energy density values of all ingredients.

Why Vegetarian Recipes?

While it is perfectly possible to lose weight on a diet that includes meat, moving towards a vegetarian style of eating make things a lot easier. In a day and age when most overweight and obese persons struggle with weight regain soon after they finish dieting, adopting a well-planned vegetarian diet can provide a solid and healthy solution for long-term weight maintenance.

Recent studies confirmed vegetarians have lower body weights and body mass indices than their meat eater counterparts. A landmark study among Seventh-day Adventists (SDA), 40% of whom follow a meatless diet, found that vegetarian eating patterns are associated with a lower body mass index (BMI). In this study, called the Adventist Health Study, which compared vegetarians and nonvegetarians within the Adventist population, BMI increased as the frequency of meat consumption increased in both men and women.

A similar trend was observed in the Oxford Vegetarian Study, where BMI values were higher in nonvegetarians compared with vegetarians in all age groups and for both men and women.

These positive effects of vegetarianism are also featured in the American Dietetic Association's position paper on vegetarian diets: Vegetarians have been reported to have lower body mass indices than nonvegetarians, as well as lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease.

What is the Source of These Low Calorie, Vegetarian Recipes?

Most of these recipes have been collected from different vegetarians with at least five years of vegetarian cuisine practice.


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How Much Leaner Are Vegetarians?

In the Adventist Health Study, obesity, as measured by body mass index (in kg/m2),increased as meat consumption increased such that a 1.78-m- (70-in-) tall male nonvegetarian weighed 6.4 kg (14 lb) more on average than did his vegetarian counterpart (P << 0.0001). A similar comparison for a 1.63-m- (64-in-) tall female revealed a weight difference of 5.5 kg (12 lb) (P << 0.0001). These results were for subjects aged 4560 y, but similar results were seen for the other ages.[1]

[1] Fraser GE. Associations between diet and cancer, ischemic heart disease, and all-cause mortality in non-Hispanic white California Seventh-day Adventists. Am J Clin Nutr 1999;70:532S-538S.