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I am a practicing primary care physician. My site has a variety of items, from articles on healthful living, prevention, weight loss, to personal musings on the status of health care in the Western world, to links to other sites I have created. My main audience is the general public, with the exception of the ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes search tools, which are intended for health care providers and coders.

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exercise calories counter
The Ultimate Calories Burned Through Exercise Calculator

This updated version of my exercise calories calculator allows you to search from over 800 types of physical activity and find out how many calories you burned.

Based on University of South Carolina's Compendium of Physical Activities.

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first commandment for weight loss
The Ten Commandments For Weight Loss

I recently started a series of articles on how to lose weight. I am using the ten commandment format, to help me organize things and you to remember them better. Here is the first one - I will update the list with the appropriate links as soon as I finish each article. Have fun!

  1. You Shall Have No Other Weight Loss Gods.
  2. You Shall Not Make For Yourself A Carved Image Or Any Weight Loss Idol
  3. You Shall Not Take Your Body's Chemistry In Vain
  4. Remember to Rest & Accept Weight Loss Plateaus
exercise for weight loss
How Much Exercise Is Needed For Weight Loss?

I often see overweight or obese patients who are very frustrated that exercise is not working for them. The usual story involves a few days or weeks of increased physical activity, with little or no benefit for weight loss.

What is going on? Why is losing weight so difficult?

This article aims to shed some light on this issue. Rather than using abstract/technical concepts, I am using a day in the life of my 86 year-old father to illustrate how much exercise is needed to have a positive impact on weight.

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Health eTools

A collection of useful health calculators: ideal body weight, body mass index, calories burned by exercise, and others.

Health eTools
Dr Gily Ionescu

My musings on a variety of topics related to health, disease prevention and health care policy and delivery in the 21st century.


Articles on various aspects of disease prevention, diet, supplement and vitamin use, and other topics.


My Other Sites

ICD-10 Codes
ICD-10 Codes For Diabetes

Diabetes coding is notoriously challenging in ICD-9, and ICD-10-CM is likely to create even more confusion. I wrote this guide to make things easier.

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Evolution Issues
Evolutions Issues

Modern humans accumulate at least 50 new germline mutations per generation. But when examined, the data is in striking contrast with what would be expected from neo-Darwinian predictions.

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Vegetarian Nutrition
Vegetarian Nutrition

A highly recommended resource on healthy eating written by my friend, Dr Winston Craig.

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