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Ideal Weight and BMI Calculator

What some consider normal weight, others view as too fat or too thin. This is where science is really helpful. This ideal weight calculator provides for an accurate estimation of your ideal weight. It also calculates your body mass indes (BMI), which is an even better measure of body weight.

Exhaustive Exercise Calories Counter

Based on The Compendium of Physical Activities from the University of South Carolina, this exercise calorie counter has over 800 types of physical activity to choose from. Ever wondered how many calories you burned typing? Or watching TV? You can find the answer here! One nice thing about this tool is that it allows you to use corrected METs, for an even more accurate estimation of calories burned.

Exercise Calorie Counter

This is a more succint exercise calculator, using a few dozen frequent types of activity.


Nutrition and Aging

Many suspect nutrition has a lot to do with the way and speed we age, and I think for a good reason. I have put together a summary of nutrition suggestions for seniors that, while not promising reversal of the aging process, are proven to assist in minimizing the damage old age inflict on our bodies and minds.

Fruits & Vegetables Prevent Disease

In the not so distant past, nutritionists and consumers viewed fruits and vegetables as average foods. Recent studies have dramatically changed this perspective. We now know fruits and vegetables are packed with chemicals capable of preventing a host of diseases, including heart disease and cancers.

Get Out of Debt For Your Health

I've heard this many times, and you can take its meaning several ways. But no matter how you interpret it, the fact is that we get emotional about money. Usually that emotion comes out as an unhealthy worry. Unless our money situation is ideal, we're going to tend to be bothered about it, at least a little.


On HCG Diet Dangers

It's been a while since I wanted to write a piece about hCG diets. I've had several patients coming to me recently asking for advice as to whether it would be a good thing for them to do in order to lose weight. I have seen a lot of interest for hCG diets not only among my patients, but even among my peers.

Evolution Issues

The debate between evolution and creation has captured my interest recently, and I wrote a few articles on the topic, in which I expose some of the major deficiencies of the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution, and present a physician's perspective on the compelling evidence for design present in all forms of life.
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On Blood Tests for Cholesterol in Children

We have moved one step closer to adding statins to drinking water. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends a cholesterol check between ages 9 and 11, with a repeated test between ages 17 and 21.

On Steve Jobs' Cancer Treatments

How could a highly intelligent man like Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the computer and music industry, make such a poor decision by postponing potentially life-saving surgery for his pancreatic cancer for 9 months, while pursuing alternative cancer therapies?

I don't think Steve Jobs was stupid when he put off his surgery. And I don't think he was in denial for a whole nine months either.

Weight Loss

How Much Exercise Do You Need For Weight Loss

I often see overweight or obese patients who appear very frustrated that exercise is not working for them. This article aims to shed some light on this issue. Rather than using abstract/technical concepts, I am going to use the example of my 86 year-old father to show that the amount of exercise the human body is designed for is a lot more than what most people who grew up with modern, sedentary lifestyles think.

The Ten Commandments of Weight Loss:
1. Thou Shalt Know Your Numbers

Time and again, I've seen many overweight patients lose the weight-loss battle because they were not willing to take the time to understand what their weight numbers meant, or they did not set realistic weight loss goals or they didn't realize how important self-monitoring was. And, to be honest, this is not an easy task for most of us, especially in the beginning. But it definitely pays off, and it pays big! Start your journey to long-term weight loss by becoming familiar with your weight numbers.

The Food Calorie Counter

I put togehter what I consider to be a very powerful, user-friendly calorie counter for assessing caloric intake and nutritional compositon of foods eaten in a day. There are many calorie counter tools on the web today. Mine is unique, and I think better, in several ways. There is no need to create an account, but you can create one, if you desire to. There is no need to navigate multiple pages as you search for your foods. You can edit your servig sizes in detail. And it is very intuitive.
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Basal Metabolic Rate And Calories Burned Daily Calculator

Find out how many calories your body burns to stay alive - i.e. your basal metabolic rate. In addition, by inputting your activity level, you can find out what your total daily energy expenditure is. This is a great tool as you start learning what you need to do to lose weight. Together with the food calorie counter and the exercise calorie counter, this tool will provide answers for those looking to budget their caloric intake and expenditure in a smart, weight-friendly way.

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